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How Systematic is Your Outreach?

By Audrey Seymour

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If you want to make a real impact in the world, you can't be ambivalent about sharing what you offer.  Changing an existing paradigm takes committed and consistent attention, through both inner alignment and outer action.

In another article I describe how to negotiate with parts of yourself that are reluctant to answer the call forward; here we'll look at taking systematic sustained action to reach the wider audience that is waiting for you.

For example, if you are a small business owner, you'll most likely need to manage and execute your own marketing plan. 

Ideally you've designed your plan to include a combination of direct and indirect presence. Direct presence brings you into interactive contact with your target audience, such as by giving talks, teaching classes or attending networking events. Indirect presence gives your audience an experience of you through your creations, including websites, articles and videos.

How do you translate your good intentions and marketing plans into repeated actions that will get your message out and bring you the audience you are meant to reach? So many people run aground in the process of transforming their strategy into what to do day to day and week to week, as well as having an easy way to track that they are on course.

My favorite way to do that is to create a marketing activities tracking chart and refer to it on a regular basis.  This is very simple to make; I insert a 3-column table in a MS Word document.  The first column lists all the marketing activities I've chosen, the 2nd column lists any relevant notes such as the email address posted in a professional listing, and the 3rd column logs the most recent actions for that activity.

For example, whenever my core message changes, I don't expect to remember all the places I've listed my services online.  But it's very easy to keep all my ads current by checking my marketing chart -- and then noting the date of my latest update for each listing in that chart.

I'll also be able to see when my last contact with each of my referral partners was - and I may find that "Oops, it's been 6 months since I've talked to (Maryann), it's time to invite her to lunch and reconnect."

Do you see the possibilities here?  By using a simple chart, I can immediately see where I am and what I need to do to keep my marketing activities up to date.

How complete is your plan for outreach, and how consistently are you executing all of its components?

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