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Bring Your Life Purpose to Your Business

By Audrey Seymour

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Do you have a sense of your own personal mission, the impact that is uniquely yours to make in the world? Not everyone is designed to be visible on the global stage, but everyone has a sphere of influence where they do make a difference. We each have a corner of the universe where we are the master gardener.

And then, having that inner knowing of your purpose, are you making the choices that will align your life and work with what you know?

The key to making the difference you are meant to make is to go beyond questionnaires and the mental effort of trying to figure it all out. You will need an intuitive exploration of your life purpose that takes advantage of your own trusted sources of inner guidance.

One client I'll call Anne came to me weary with a career dilemma; she felt she had spent her life pleasing others and was miserable. Anne was longing to get in touch with her true gifts and to find work that was based on them. Yet it was hard for her to trust any direction at this point because she had suffered a lack of fulfillment and multiple burnouts in the past.

Another obstacle for Anne was that she had always kept her career and spiritual life separate. However, at this point she was willing to try a new approach. Once she gave herself permission to bring a detailed purpose inquiry to her meditation and contemplation practice, doors opened that had been shut before.

She was stunned to discover that the best path before her was to undertake a major project with a client from the past who she had been avoiding due to bad memories. Anne's inner wisdom reminded her that her capacity was greatly increased at this time in her life, and showed her the reasons why working with this challenging client would actually fulfill the next step of her purpose.

When I saw Anne a few months ago she looked totally radiant. Even though she was working long hours, the deep fulfillment of stretching her capacities while living her life purpose completely changed the tone of her life. Are you letting blind spots keep you from the direction of ultimate fulfillment in your business?

Don't keep trying to figure out what you are meant to do and how to act on that through mental effort alone. Instead use the resources available to you to inquire with your own trusted sources of inner guidance in the specific details of your life work.

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