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How to Create a Dynamic Vision Board

By Audrey Seymour

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Have you ever made a vision board? When we were younger many of us made collages that expressed our dreams, only to have them grow stale. We put them away in the closet and never looked at them again.

Vision boards received a resurgence in popularity after the widespread promotion of the DVD The Secret in 2006. However, the style of board demonstrated in that movie is the same as a collage because it's static. When you want to update it you'll have to start over and create a new one.

Imagine instead having a vision collage that stays fresh and inspiring whenever you look at it - because it changes over time, potentially even minute to minute.

There are two kinds of dynamic vision boards, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Select the appropriate link below to read further:

Physical Vision Boards

There are a few advantages to using a physical vision board. It can be as large as you like, and there is no limit to the variety of objects you can place on it, just like a traditional collage. Individuals who love to work with their hands in three-dimensional space are likely to prefer this method.

The first step is to collect all of the ideas, images and pieces of the puzzle that contribute to your dream. Historically magazines were the best source for photos, and now online search is available with a virtually unlimited supply of images. (Hint: try the "image" function of Google.) You'll also want to pull out your business card collection, and other special items such as inspiring quotes and favorite tips.

Suppose you want to become a financial counselor to use your analytic skills and help others realize their retirement goals. You want to double your income and buy a vacation home on a lake.

In this example, imagine constructing a vision board with a picture of a serene lake and birds flying overhead. A photo of your mentor would be there, and several dollar signs could be sprinkled throughout. You'd artfully arrange business cards of the members of your mastermind group, along with inspirational phrases on sticky notes -- "Socially conscious investing" -- "Women breaking the glass ceiling" -- "A growing portfolio". You might print out an online listing for a training program you're considering, just to have it up there as a reminder.

The most important things about your vision board is that it be kept fresh and visible. Put it where you'll see it every day in order to keep your subconscious mind inspired. As soon as you notice that it's no longer catching your eye, it's time to sit down and update it.

When you work with your vision board, first look to see which elements on it feel stale. Remove them to make room for something new. If all of the ingredients still carry meaning for you, then simply change their physical placement on the board. Then decide what aspects call out to be added, to bring your latest ideas to the mix.

The more senses you bring to your vision, the more you become the instrument that knows immediately when you are on course. Distractions become easier to notice when you compare your life to your living vision board. Foster that relationship, and a direct path to your dream will be clear!

Onscreen Vision Boards

Another option is to use one of the software vision board tools that produce a screensaver, desktop wallpaper, slideshow, movie and more. The obvious advantage of this approach is that you will see your vision board all day long as you work, without any extra effort. Individuals who spend a lot of time online are likely to prefer this method.

The simplest onscreen vision boards allow you to arrange images and text into a rectangular picture frame. Your creation can be shared with friends, posted in an online profile, or printed out for hanging.

However, for a few dollars more you can start creating dynamic vision boards that are videos with a soundtrack, which will have the most powerful impact on your subconscious.

Typically you assemble a video from a collection of evocative images, inspiring words, positive statements, sound files, and background textures. Image and affirmation libraries to help you get started, or you can use your own materials.

There are a variety of frame and scene transition styles available to customize your vision board video. Some styles are energetic with dynamically moving shapes, and other styles simply pan peacefully across your images.

You can build a soundtrack using your favorite music or even your own voice. When you are done, the movie can be displayed as a screensaver, wallpaper, or exported for other uses such as sharing with your friends or displaying on an iPhone or digital photo frame. Printed posters are also an option.

The most powerful visioning processes are ones that engage all the senses and are used on a regular basis. Have fun exploring your options!

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