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Are You Reaching the Best Target Market?

By Audrey Seymour

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If you need to improve the sales of your services or products, two important questions to ask are whether you are reaching the right audience, and whether you are reaching them in the most effective way.

First, who is the ideal audience for your business? Have you been trying to appeal to a market that is too broad or undefined? Or is it time to reorient your focus?

The more specific you can be about redefining your perfect clients and customers, the more effectively your marketing can speak directly to their current and unique needs and concerns.

Consider not only who is the most qualified to value and invest in what you offer right now, but also who you'd most enjoy working with. It's challenging for your business to thrive if you're not looking forward to getting to work every day.

Go beyond the standard demographics such as gender, age, and education level to think about:

  1. Income level: What is the income range of those who can afford what you offer?
  2. Livelihood: e.g. executives, business owners, medical professionals, artists, authors
  3. Personality type: e.g. introvert, leader, self-starter, trend-follower
  4. Lifestyles: e.g. parents, singles, single parents, dog and cat owners
  5. Personal values: e.g. preventative health care, lifelong learning, spiritual orientation
  6. Tipping point: What situations and factors need to be present for your target audience to be ready to buy?

Second, where are the best places to find your audience today? In fact, the best way to ask that question is to ask: where would this kind of person go now if they were looking for what I offer?

That is, what challenges, needs, or desires of theirs you are fulfilling, and what resources would they use to find what they want? Would they search the internet, browse a course catalog at the local community college, or would they prefer to get a recommendation from a friend or their favorite blog?

Also, what are your areas of strength in marketing? Do you excel at writing or speaking? Are you a tech wizard, or are relationship-building skills your greatest asset?

Successful marketing strategy is creative and unique, because what worked for someone else may not be the best approach for you and your audience.

Once you're clear on your target audience and your best ways of connecting with them, you will have two key ingredients for a marketing strategy that will keep your business alive and growing.

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