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Author William Ury is a world-famous master of negotiation who helped resolve conflict and design treaties in ethnic wars in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as settings such as coal mine strikes. His book The Power of a Positive No is far and above other books on the theme of setting boundaries. The best-seller Getting to Yes, which he co-authored with Roger Fisher, is a brilliant approach to the art of negotiation.


Lee Glickstein Public Speaking CirclesLee Glickstein's Speaking Circles® work has changed the way we approach public speaking, and he's transformed the entire industry.   He is founder of Speaking Circles International, with facilitators around the globe offering his method.

Speaking Circle programs teach you how to compel rapt attention in your listeners by focusing on the essential first step missing in conventional public speaking trainings - attunement between speaker and listeners. Create a "field of belonging" in a group by holding the calm center, use your natural storytelling abilities to inspire your listeners, and develop Teleseminar Presence to create a welcoming transformational space for an audience that cannot see you.


Essential Speaking by Doreen HamiltonDoreen Hamilton is a psychologist and the Training Director of Speaking Circles International. Her book Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice shows you a simple and elegant process to understand your fears, normalize them, and transform them. This step-by-step method will take you beyond that inner critic in your head with compassion and patience. You will discover a new place within where your speaking voice is free to express the essential you.