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Professional Cart Solutions is a very popular online shopping cart system due to its flexibility, stablity and ease of use. It provides a number of valuable features including autoresponders and the capacity to create an affilitate program to increase your sales reach.


Dragon Naturally Speaking: If you have repetitive-motion injuries or simply find yourself to be more fluent speaking than writing, this speech recognition software has come of age. Rather than needing the infamous six-hour "training sessions" so that it would recognize your voice, this latest version only takes about half an hour to set up and start working, including doing the tutorial. It's wonderful, as well as being a lot of fun to use.


Flux software By now you've probably heard that staring at the computer screen late at night can interfere with getting restful sleep. This is because blue spectrum light matches daylight, which unfortunately suppresses melatonin production. Although we recommend getting away from screens at least an hour before sleep, free software at F.lux is fabulous because it changes the color palette of your screen to get rosier and less blue as nighttime approaches. It works like a charm! It is available for PC, Mac, Linus, and iPhone/iPad.