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In today’s competitive environment of rapid change, every member of your team needs to maximize their contribution with a shared sense of purpose. This requires bringing out the best in your team for optimal performance and impact for your organization.

This program is for you if:

  • Your mission-based organization is committed to being an industry leader
  • Greater alignment is needed between your efforts and your mission to achieve the innovation you know is possible
  • Your potential leaders need preparation and support to master the mission-critical skills required to face the future

We'll build a customized coaching program for your designated team members based on your objectives and their goals, opportunities and challenges.

Typical programs include:

  • Initial assessment and program plan
  • Results-driven coaching to overcome obstacles to top performance in service to your mission
  • Customized training in gap areas such as time management and communication skills
  • 2 to 4 regular meetings per month by phone, Skype or Zoom plus designated floating quick check-ins
  • Supplemental email support
  • 3 to 6 months duration
  • Closing assessment and recommendations

Typical program benefits include:

  • Increased leadership presence, performance and resilience
  • Effective time management and communication skills
  • Alignment of roles with individual and collective purpose
  • Development of future leaders of the organization
  • Support for succession planning

"After working with Audrey, I feel I can tackle any obstacle because I now have the tools. I have several systems in place allowing me to put my hands on whatever I need quickly and easily. There's a lot less stress in my life; I've learned better self-care and more effective planning strategies. Ultimately, she showed me how to find what called me from the inside, and then how to lay out the steps to execute on that vision."

-- Scott Butler, CFO and Author

"You’re a great sounding board. After working with you, I was significantly more resourced and recalibrated. You helped me cut through a lot of internal resistance. Once we removed the resistance, everything started to flow -- and you did it in such a deft way. I even met my six-month objectives one month early! The difference between now and when we started is like night and day."

-- Mayank Patel, President of Software Consulting firm 3Jalapenos.Com

Kevin McLoughlin"Audrey joined my team when I was struggling to manage a software project that had been stalled for months, due to constant friction and dominance battles between some of the developers. Audrey’s leadership and interpersonal skills were essential to turn this project around and bring it to successful completion. She has a unique ability to tune in to group psychological dynamics and to reshape them toward a common purpose. By actively listening to team members’ concerns, she gained their respect and trust, so they were able to learn to work together productively."

-- Kevin McLoughlin, former Director, UI Development at Gene Logic [where Audrey was a software development manager and lead engineer]

"Working with Audrey to clarify our values and direction has given our collective of eight members an inspiring new energy! She kept us very on track, supported us entirely and generously, to come together and take what seemed like an overwhelming job and bring it into inspiring focus. We could never have gotten there on our own. Now, we all are clear about our respective roles within our group, as well as our collective message and mission for the community."

-- Sara Harris, MFT, EarthWays Member

You are welcome to contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your needs and objectives. Appointments are available by phone, Skype or Zoom. We look forward to connecting with you!