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Testimonials for Clear the Path to Your Client's Higher Purpose

Elsbeth Tate"Thank you so much, Audrey, for your presentation today. You’re a powerful presenter! I believe you touched everyone at a deeper level with what is important to us as coaches, plus providing us with a tool we can all use to connect our clients to their higher purpose.  You presented it in such a way that we could all understand and relate to - brain-wise - left and right!"

-- Elsbeth Tate, PCC, NLP, Host International Coach Federation, Los Angeles Chapter, and Rebel with a Cause Business & Life Coaching

Charles Feltman"The most valuable part of the presentation was the process for helping a client take care of his/her concerns in a way that allows for the work toward higher purpose. That was really useful. The answers to participants' questions were some of the most illuminating aspects of this teleclass. Audrey did a great job of answering them with really useful information and direction."

-- Charles Feltman, Insight Coaching

"I loved how Audrey presented - tying everything together and how she invited us to think of specific clients -- that helped deepen the content. I just really appreciated Audrey's approach, passion and knowledge."


-- Ann Egle, MCC, President, Golden Visions & Associates

"Audrey spoke with the Wisconsin Chapter of the International Coach Federation to help us 'Clear the Path to Your Client's Higher Purpose.' She provided us with unique insights and a powerful demonstration of a methodology to help clients sift through their resistance to find greater meaning in their lives. I left the discussion with new awareness and practical approaches I can immediately apply in my coaching practice."

-- Nicole Pulito PhD, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Founder Gulan Pulito Coaching and Consulting

"I really appreciated the perspective of 'conditions' versus fear--very powerful! I thoroughly enjoyed the pace, flow and overall experience of attending this program. The material was explained in a clear fashion and Audrey's calm, direct demeanor created a wonderful learning environment! The topics and material she covered were immediately useful for any coach. Thank you :-)"

-- L.G. Taylor, ICF-LA Member

"Audrey has a very warm and engaging voice that draws you into the coaching space."

-- Jo Ann M Radja, ICF-LA Member

"The most valuable part was the focus on needs rather than fears. Thank you Audrey for your heart, generosity and wisdom!"

-- Dian Walker, InTouch Associates

"The most valuable part of the presentation was addressing perceived fears as conditions to be addressed in order to clear a path to purpose. I felt Audrey held the space for this learning with calm authority. It ran more smoothly than most I've been on."

-- John Fitzgerald, ICF-LA Member

"Absolutely great subject! A short time for such infinite purpose! Greatly done. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge; I'm looking forward to hearing more."

-- Fariba Shirazi,

"Audrey's teleclass was a substantial presentation. Clear, deep and easy to understand."

-- Ana Munoz, ICF-LA member

Testimonials for Skip the Buzzwords: Use Marketing that Speaks Soul to Soul to Bring in Your Ideal Clients

Jane Massengill"There were two parts that were the most valuable parts of the presentation. The first one was beginning with helping us visually come together as a group. I loved that! The second one was giving us the choice to do an activity one of two ways, and not suggesting we do just one. I originally wanted to do the analytical exercise. Once you opened the door for a conversation with our inner guide, I dropped immediately into the intuitive exercise. It was very powerful, and reminded me that I don't have to struggle with following analytical exercises in my marketing. In fact, I really get tripped up with that. Calling in my guides, and coupling that with the analytical answers, was very powerful. Thanks!"

--Jane Massengill, LCSW, Master Certified Coach and Director, The Gremlin-Taming Institute

Nicki McClusky"I particularly liked that she gave two ways of approaching the homework. Her gentle, competent manner was excellent; I truly enjoyed listening and learning today. Also, unlike many presenters, she didn't constantly talk about needing to hurry since there was little time. She filled it beautifully and calmly. "

-- Nicki McClusky, PCC BCC CTPC LSCW LPC, Transformation Life and Voice Coach, Author, Therapist

Bryna Kaufman"The most valuable part was learning how to laser focus my tagline to speak to the desired outcome(s) for my target audience(s)."

-- Bryna Kaufman, M.Ed, ACC, Owner B. Kaufman and Associates



About Audrey:

Audrey Seymour MA MCC is Founder and Principal of Clear Change Group, guiding mission-based organizations and leaders internationally to greater clarity and alignment so they can increase their impact in the world. She is also cofounder, co-host and occasional speaker for the monthly Gathering for Change Agents teleseminar series, which launched in 2012 and is continuing to grow with over 1200 members currently.

Prior to founding her coaching and consulting business in 2003, she spent over twenty years as a software development manager and lead engineer building 3D graphics and biotech applications at Autodesk, Sega, and GeneLogic among others.

Audrey is a Certified True Purpose® Coach, Certified True Purpose® Organizational Consultant, and a teacher and trainer at the True Purpose® Institute.  Other methodologies she brings to her work include Voice Dialogue Facilitation, Appreciative Inquiry, the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools, and the Collaborative Operating Systemâ„¢ leadership model.

She holds a Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, as well as degrees in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology and the University of California Berkeley and a black belt in Shotokan Karate.


Our Approach:

Mission-based organizations and individuals are called to make a difference in the world through transformation of themselves and those they serve. We all want to touch clients at the deepest level, and have the biggest impact possible.

Two critical requirements to succeed as a change agent are clarity of purpose and the inner/outer alignment to be able to fulfill that purpose. One of the most common challenge faced by change agents is learning how to manage the resistance we and our clients face in pursuing our higher purpose. This natural resistance to change is literally wired into our brains; it's a survival mechanism that served our ancestors really well. And, we can’t afford to let that dynamic rule now or we will never resolve the challenges facing our clients and human society right now.

Clear Change Group Founder and Principal Audrey Seymour offers interactive thought-provoking teleseminars that address these and other issues faced by all change agents, so that your members can have the inner/outer alignment and power tools they need to help build a new paradigm world that works for everyone.


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