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Organizational Mission, Vision and Values Alignment

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Are you part of an organization that is dedicated to making a difference, yet lack the clarity of purpose and shared mission, vision and values that actively inspire everyone?

Learn how to precisely describe your mission, vision and core values as a group, and then apply them to transform your culture for maximum alignment, efficiency and impact.


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This customizable program is designed for your organization if any of the following are true:

  • You have a mission to make a significant contribution to your industry yet need greater clarity, alignment and momentum in achieving that mission
  • Your current mission and vision statements feel like they miss the mark because they ignore the bigger "why" behind your business
  • You have not established the guiding principles of core values that light everyone up, or perhaps your "business as usual" does not match them
  • Teams within the organization don't feel part of a cohesive whole, causing duplicated effort and a silo mentality

Depending on the components that you choose, by the end of this program you will have:

  • Survey results and detailed analysis describing the values trends in your organization, including personal values held by individuals, perceived organizational values, and desired organizational values
  • Analysis of the gaps between the observed organizational values and those most desired by the group
  • Analysis of your organizational "entropy" or wasted energy, reflecting the percentage of observed values that are potentially limiting such as long hours and short-term priorities
  • A collaboratively derived set of core values, mission, vision and best practices to align with those guiding principles
  • Whole system culture change initiatives that bring these fundamental principles into every aspects of your business where desired, such as operations, marketing language and/or client relations

Dean Dr. Geisce Ly"Audrey’s expertise was well-suited to our needs.  In our one-day training, she got us to start having the conversations that we needed to have, and it was rewarding to see the level of engagement and participation from the group.  I found the exercises to be extremely helpful, and by the end of the day our team of over 30 administrators had aligned on three bold initiatives."

-- Dr. Geisce Ly, Dean of Downtown Center, City College of San Francisco

"Working with Audrey to clarify our values and direction has given our collective of eight members an inspiring new energy! She kept us very on track, supported us entirely and generously, to come together and take what seemed like an overwhelming job and bring it into inspiring focus. We could never have gotten there on our own. Now, we all are clear about our respective roles within our group, as well as our collective message and mission for the community."

-- Sara Harris, MFT, EarthWays Member

Mission Vision Values Alignment Program

There are three phases to this program, each one customized according to the objectives and size of your organization:

  1. Assessment: Gather information and analyze trends.
  2. Application: Establish core values, associated behaviors, mission, vision and a culture development plan. Train and coach leaders in preparation to lead their teams through the pending cultural transformation.
  3. Alignment: Cascade and sustain the transformation for the entire organization over time.

Phase 1: Assessment

We'll start with an initial meeting of 1-2 hours to orient your project sponsor or leadership team, clarify which assessment surveys will best serve your needs, and identify any survey customization to meet your objectives. The survey we provide will then take approximately 15 minutes for each participant to fill out.

Following the survey completion and interpretation, we'll have have a 2-hour leadership debrief meeting to review the values analysis and discuss the significance of the trends. We'll also plan a strategy to share the results with the entire organization. Typical examples include a half-day workshop or 2-hour teleconference, where we'll identify potential strategic core values and associated behaviors in preparation for the Application phase.

In this phase you may choose to analyze certain departments separately in comparison to the entire organization, and/or to analyze the individual results from certain key leaders separately. It also is possible to do a pilot program with a single department first before taking the entire organization through the culture transformation process.

Phase 2: Application

Your core team will collaboratively develop the key set of strategic organizational values, associated behaviors and the culture development plan. Depending on the project objectives and organizational culture, one of two methods will be used to clarify the organization's mission and vision. At this point you may also choose to include more assessments such as a Leadership Values Assessment with 360 review, and target specific leaders for coaching and training. The length of this phase will depend on the size of the participant group and the scope of the project.

Phase 3: Alignment

This is the phase where the project comes to fruition at the largest scale, potentially impacting the way everything is done such as hiring, performance reviews, marketing and strategic planing. Rolling out the desired changes and sustaining them over time will ensure that your objectives are met in a way that honors the heartfelt values and inspired mission and vision that you all share.

You are welcome to contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. We look forward to connecting with you!