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True Purpose® Program for Organizations

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As a leader of a mission-driven organization, you need to bring out the best in your team. Yet, to inspire people to perform at their best, they need to know not only what they are doing but why it matters.

When your organization has a higher purpose:

  • You attract and retain the best employees, partners and investors
  • Your employees experience their work as meaningful and fulfilling
  • You make a greater impact in the world
  • You create a legacy that lasts and makes the world a better place

Imagine uncovering and mobilizing your collective deeper purpose. When you bring your combined inner wisdom as an additional resource into major business decisions, you become an inspiring force for optimal change both inside and outside the organization.


Certified True Purpose Organizational Consultant


This work is designed for your organization if you:

  • Place a high value on innovation. You are adaptable and responsive to changes in your industry, and want to be an industry leader in your niche. You understand that embracing change is critical to your growth and sustainability.
  • Know the old paradigms of business cannot sustain you, and are scanning the horizon for inspirational ways of evolving and recreating your business.
  • Want to create a purposeful company, one that is organized around a higher vision that brings meaning and focus to work for your employees and stakeholders.
  • Sense that mission, vision and values need to be more than dry statements on your website and annual report. You are searching for practical and authentic ways to inspire your  people and provide clear direction, new strength and inner satisfaction.
  • Want to leverage intuition and inspiration in setting your strategy. You appreciate that the best ideas often defy conventional logic, and know the value of following the heart and gut as well as head, and inner wisdom as well as logic and reason.
  • Appreciate the need to be a sustainable company, built on delivering products and services that make a positive impact, in order to continue to attract the best employees, customers and partners.

Through this process you can expect to find:

  • A description of the essence of your organization, which will inform your brand and marketing message
  • A detailed explanation of the transformational impact your organization is meant to deliver as an agent of change, and the ideal audience for your work. In particular, you will learn how to recognize the condition your audience is in when they need your transformation, how to describe the results they will receive, and how the steps of your transformation works. This provides a strong and unique basis for your positioning in the marketplace.
  • The basic blueprint for services and/or product designs that showcase your unique purpose as an organization
  • Your legacy mission and core wisdom message you are meant to bring the world
  • Purpose-based marketing language that will touch the heart and soul of those you are meant to serve 
  • As a result of the process, much greater engagement, alignment, inspiration and sense of purpose as a collective


Christine Doan“We have a 125 acre mixed-use sustainable development in Far North Queensland, and we were looking for a more precise understanding of our purpose plus how to articulate it in the marketplace. We also wanted to ensure that we walked our talk and increased our capacity to work in collaboration.  Audrey got us inspired and excited, raising valuable questions for us to think about.

"I appreciate how carefully she guided us through our concerns and fears and kept us on track, so the process unfolded very beautifully. She created a lovely space that combined our heads and hearts.  Nothing has succeeded at bringing us into alignment the way this process has.  We are so grateful – it was absolutely huge.  We didn’t imagine the enormous impact learning and articulating the components of our purpose would give us.  We now see the end goal and the path forward is clear.

"Not only have we continued to use the skills and insights learnt from Audrey, but I was so thrilled with my introduction to the application of this purpose work to a real-life situation that I subsequently took the training course to become a purpose coach myself.

"There is no one that I would recommend more highly than Audrey.  She is amazing in her work around purpose.  But her general business coaching skills are characterised by the same strengths that she exhibits in purpose work:  laser focus, a constant combination of high cognitive input and an overall hearfeltness that pervades her work, that interesting ability to push forward at warp speed when everyone is ready and to slow right down when her exquisite sensibility feels it is time for a pause, and a delightful, infectious love of this work.”

-- Christine Doan, Founder, Malanda North; and President, Atherton Tablelands Chamber of Commerce

Tim Kelley"Audrey (Seymour) has provided extraordinary value as a consultant and trainer. Her work is impeccable, her manner engaging and professional, and she has a deep understanding of what makes people and organizations tick. She has my strongest recommendation to leaders who are seeking to create new paradigm organizations and to people who are seeking to transform themselves into better leaders."

-- Tim Kelley, Founder True Purpose Institute and New Paradigm Global Leader Consultant

"I've trained hundreds of coaches and consultants, and of all the people I trained, Audrey is one of the few people I actually refer clients to. She's smart, dedicated, full of heart and commitment, and is an excellent guide for her clients. My referrals always report their love and satisfaction working with Audrey and I whole heartedly recommend her and her services."

-- Jeffrey Van Dyk, Senior Faculty True Purpose Institute

"Audrey has the unusual skill set of world changing visionary matched to the practical skills to make things happen. If you are looking for a coach in True Purpose® work, Audrey is a leader in the field."

-- Rich Tafel, President Public Squared

True Purpose® Program for Organizations and Groups:

There are three phases to this program:

  1. Accessing Inner Wisdom
  2. Discovering Collective Purpose
  3. Integrating Shared Purpose

Phase 1: Accessing Inner Wisdom

In this phase of the organizational purpose process, team members learn how to access a source of inner wisdom, including tools for navigating any fears, concerns or distractions that keep them from being open to that connection and information. In the process, they discover the details of their individual life purpose.

Note: Phase 1 of this program can also be met by previous completion of the True Purpose individual process through a workshop, private coaching in the Individual True Purpose® program or successful self-study; ask for more details.

Phase 2: Discovering Collective Purpose

In this phase, the purpose project team members resolve any collective fears, concerns and conflicting priorities that keep them from accessing the truth of their collective higher purpose. The purpose details are received and the team gains new collaborative decision-making tools to converge on purpose statements that light everyone up.

Depending on the size of your organization, customizations to the purpose discovery process will allow all organization members to have a voice in the final choice of purpose statements.

Phase 3: Integrating Shared Purpose

The final phase brings it all together - applying and integrating your organizational purpose into everything you do, at the pacing that makes sense relative to your other priorities. Examples include marketing, sales, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews and more.

What keeps your organization from achieving your ground-breaking mission in the world? Gain clarity of purpose, alignment, momentum and a detailed plan for achieving the impact you are here to make.

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