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Private True Purpose® Coach Training

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(For more information about public trainings or the Organizational Purpose Consultant Training, please contact us.)

There are two phases to the private True Purpose® Coach Training:

  1. Hands-on coach training and practicum
  2. Purposeful business development coaching

Phase 1: True Purpose® Coach Training and Practicum

The coach training and practicum phase of this program prepares you to deliver the True Purpose process to individual clients. (For more information about getting trained as an organizational consultant to work with teams to find the purpose of a collective, contact us.) This phase includes the following:

With this training you will receive all of the following:

  • Individual training: 12 weekly 1.5-hour Zoom conference meetings, each incorporating instruction and private coaching
  • Private group training: 12 training meetings and 12 mastermind meetings, customized to the size of your group
  • Email support between classes
  • Three different methods for clearing your clients’ fears and limiting beliefs
  • Five different methods for finding your clients’ life purpose
  • 30 different criteria for validating any connection with a trusted source of higher guidance
  • 10 different tests for verifying the accuracy of purpose statements
  • A deeper understanding of your own life purpose
  • A verbal communication channel with your higher guidance
  • A complete manual of every technique, method and step in the process
  • A True Purpose process worksheet to capture talking points and client homework for each session from your course notes
  • Handouts to use with your clients
  • Your copy of Tim Kelley’s book True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make
  • Tim’s newly updated True Purpose Meditation set (three downloadable audios for your personal use)

When you complete the training you will also receive:

  • A license to use this process with your one-on-one coaching clients as a Trained True Purpose® Coach
  • Steep discounts on books and meditation audios to sell to your clients
  • Periodic client leads and opportunities to assist in True Purpose® Institute programs
  • Eligibility to enter the True Purpose® Coach Certification Program to become a Certified True Purpose® Coach

Phase 2: Purposeful Business Development Coaching

Phase 2 is where it all comes together and brings you the rewards that come from living on purpose. We translate what you know about your higher purpose, all your trainings and your expertise into a business that is positioned for growth.

  • Measurable business objectives derived from your purpose and your vision for the True Purpose process with your clients
  • Customized strategies and systems that will support you in achieving the impact you are meant to make
  • Greater alignment among parts of yourself that are in conflict and in resistance to your mission
  • Greater self-care and boundaries that will enable you to do what you are here to do
  • A updated business plan and marketing plan
  • Integrated time management, planning and tracking systems

During Phase 2 you will receive:

  • A personalized package of hour-long coaching sessions based on the scope of your business objectives
  • Email support between sessions for questions that arise

This extraordinary program is much more than a vocational training; it is a profound, life-transforming process. It is designed for those who are serious about increasing their impact in the world through helping other change agents learn their higher purpose in full living detail.

Contact us to learn more about joining our community of True Purpose coaches if you are called!