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Purposeful Business Growth Program

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Do you want to contribute to the world through your business in a way that expresses your core values and inner truth, yet feel stalled because you don't have a clear pathway and the momentum to walk it?

So many visionary business ideas are lost due to a combination of inner and outer obstacles. As the old paradigms fall away and new models are needed, the danger is that you could be just another individual who looks back and regrets all of those great ideas that were never completed.

Imagine instead being a dynamic vehicle of change in a way that fulfills your life purpose, serves a need in the world and brings in the kind of income you'd like to make.

What keeps you from leaving the legacy that is yours to give?

There are four challenging obstacles many mission-based entrepreneurs face today:

  1. Fears and self-limiting beliefs: “Who am I to think that I could make a real difference? My ideas are too wild, everyone will think I'm crazy and I'll be publicly humiliated and end up broke!”  or “You can't be wealthy and be socially responsible at the same time!” are the kinds of thoughts that may run through your mind when you imagine following what calls you.

  2. Inner conflict: It's a natural part of the human journey to have doubts and fears, but you won't get the traction you need if you let the wounded and overprotective parts overrule your inner visionary. This can operate in very subtle ways, where one part of you keeps you too distracted or confused to make progress with your new venture. If you engage in your own inner conflict, it will be just that much harder to inspire and enroll others in working with you.

  3. Lack of purpose clarity: Many people have a general idea or felt sense about their purpose, but it is rarely specific enough to be actionable and compellingly marketable. You may have tried several ideas, but never found the exact sweet spot that allows every meaningful thing you do to fit into an overarching context.

  4. Incomplete strategy and skillset: So many brilliant ideas have been lost to humanity for lack of training and a coherent plan. This can show up in many ways, including a tendency to jump into action too soon, an unwillingness to delegate, or a reluctance to invest in training for you and/or your staff.

Imagine making a great living while contributing in a way that is an expression of your unique purpose

All it takes is inner alignment, deep listening and building your path one step at a time.

  1. When you learn how to enroll the parts of your psyche that are resisting the change you want to make, all of your capacities become available. By being willing to approach your wounded and overprotective parts with curiosity and compassion, it's possible to negotiate win-win agreements that allow all your parts to serve their own higher purpose. In this way you become fully resourced, become more than the sum of all your parts, and fulfill your highest purpose.

  2. When you learn how to dialogue with your own trusted source of inner guidance about the business expression of your purpose, your priorities become crystal clear. Most people carry an artificial split between their spiritual practice and their business, and only access their inner wisdom for their personal life.  The change is dramatic when you use this powerful resource for designing programs, products and marketing materials and making practical decisions that impact the bottom line.

  3. When you learn how to translate your purpose into a practical business strategy, you can launch your new direction and start doing the work you are meant to do with those you are meant to serve.

These shifts can be achieved in a very short period of time with a structured approach that provides support every step of the way.

The Purposeful Business Growth program gives you the insights and tools you need to transform yourself and your business so you can transform the world. The program cuts through the fears, doubt and confusion that keep you from getting traction, and lays out a clear roadmap to the bigger contribution you are meant to make.

There are four phases to the Purposeful Business Growth program, which often overlap in the course of your personal process:

  • Purpose clarification:  uncover the essential being, essential doing, message and mission components of your life purpose, including how your transformational impact works and with whom, plus what language will inspire them

  • Inner conflict resolution: learn how to transform and utilize the resourcefulness of the disowned parts of your psyche that resist following your calling, such as the inner critic, the taskmaster and the rebel

  • Strategic design: create customized wholistic strategies to express your purpose through your business -- including elements such as a new vision, mission and set of core values, business plan, marketing materials and plan, products and services blueprint

  • Impact launch: initiate your new business direction with customized tools, systems and processes for focus and follow-through -- resulting in components that may include detailsl such as a new operations manual, sales processes, tracking and billing systems

Why is this approach so effective?

Many visionary entrepreneurs make the error of trying to transform the world without understanding the necessity of first transforming themselves and their business.

One of the most striking aspects of this approach is that, rather than pushing against or trying to eliminate inner resistance to change, it offers integration and partnership for those frightened and overprotective parts of you that keep you from claiming and living your higher purpose as your day job.

We don't analyze results of assessment and tell you what your purpose is. We teach you several powerful tools that allow you to use your own inner wisdom to clarify your purpose, and develop a long-term plan as well as your day-to-day business decisions. These tools can be used over and over again throughout your life as you continue to increase your contribution and influence.

Ultimately, the Purposeful Business Growth program weaves together the precision of deliverables-based planning and execution with the depth of spiritual inquiry, integrating the best of both worlds.  It gives you the fresh start and momentum you need to deliver the impact you are meant to make.

Unique benefits: Transferable tools to solve your current and future challenges:

  • A unique process for converting the fears that stop you into a set of personal commitments for a purpose-directed business and balanced life
  • A method to transform conflicted and disempowered parts of your psyche into resourceful allies for growth
  • A precise multi-component description of your life purpose with open communication channels for ongoing inner wisdom advice in business planning and decision-making
  • An assessment tool for evaluating the purposefulness of your current commitments
  • A customized planning and tracking system
  • A customized time management and calendaring system
  • Your study materials:

This program is delivered over the course of six months in the following three formats:

Weekly Plan:

Weekly support gives you the consistent momentum to focus and follow through until you embody all you need to achieve as a purpose-based business owner.

  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • Email coaching support including marketing materials review between sessions
  • Weekly inquiries and action items based on your objectives and insights

Biweekly Plan:

A budget coaching format is available for those who prefer to have two meetings per month:

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • Email coaching support including marketing materials review between sessions
  • Weekly inquiries and action items based on your objectives and insights

3:1 Plan:

The best of both worlds is available by meeting three weeks each month:

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • Email coaching support including marketing materials review between sessions
  • Weekly inquiries and action items based on your objectives and insights

Elisa Negroni"I cannot say enough about Audrey - I was stuck for years in all areas of my business - Audrey helped me gain clarity the direction I wanted to take my business, my message, programs I wanted to create, who I wanted to work with, and what I wanted my website to be. For the first time in years I feel inspired, motivated and excited. I would still be struggling had I not found her! I highly recommend Audrey to anyone who wants to gain clarity and move their business forward. She is compassionate, caring and insightful."

-- Elisa Negroni, Owner of Power 2 Speak, Certified Speaking Circles® Facilitator

Farina Chinoy"Audrey was a very effective and brilliant coach! She's sharp, insightful, organized and positive, which helped me achieve my goals of feeling more empowered, gaining great clarity about my life purpose, keeping me motivated and holding me accountable. I was able to make great strides with regard to my life purpose and career objectives. She helped me integrate various "stuck" and fearful parts of myself so that I could turn my dreams into concrete achievable steps. When I started work with Audrey I had a general, somewhat abstract sense of my life purpose, which turned into feeling focused, confident and clear by the time we finished our work. I whole-heartedly recommend her!"

-- Farina Chinoy, PhD, Psychologist and Integrative Coach

"Audrey has been exceptional in helping me to get clear about my purpose and how to tie this into my business. She also facilitated the "aha's" that have reconnected me to the essence of what I'm great at. She brought out my best skills and talents and showed me how to apply these to clarify my message to make marketing a force for good."

-- Leesa Hubbard, Digital Marketing Expert and Strategist,

"My purpose work with Audrey was more like play than work. What was different from her methods and those I had already established for myself was the level of focus and formality involved with directly asking for my life purpose to be revealed from within me.

"Audrey showed me how to make peace with my fears and only then would my Soul respond clearly. And the answers keep coming! I've discovered what my essential gifts are and I feel my life is now aligned with my true purpose.

"I have much more vitality, joy, ease and flow. This work with Audrey has played an important role in transforming my whole life."

-- Sahara Chaldean, Vision Quest Guide and Certified Speaking Circles® Facilitator

"Audrey really helped me to find my life purpose (at long last!). I've been self-employed for the last 25 years, but never knew or trusted if I was doing the right thing.  I've made some terrible decisions based on desired outcomes and monetary goals, because I rarely paid attention to the desires of my heart and spirit. That was the missing key to my life path.

"Audrey is patient and totally kept me 'on path' every step of the way. It was truly a journey to find out what I'm really here on this planet to do.  Her perseverance and guidance helped make the process easy and even fun through the really difficult, emotional stuff  that was in the way.

"I KNOW I am on my path now--my website is almost up, my ducks are all in a row, my business, legal, and creative partners are picked out, and I feel certain I am going in the perfect direction for ME, while beginning to help many other people as a by-product.  

"The process Audrey did with me in a matter of months could have taken me another 20 years of self-questioning and soul-searching on my own!  I can keep going on my path right now and not spend any more years trying to figure it out. I'm certain I have all the information I need to go forward, and swiftly. Audrey helped me discover what 'certain' was. It feels good."

-- Charylu Roberts, Music Publisher

Is the Purposeful Business Growth program a good fit for you?

The Purposeful Business Growth program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who feel called to make a bigger impact in the world but lack the clarity, strategy and systems to succeed at that mission.

In particular, this unique approach to manifesting your life mission through your business is for you if you:

  • Know your current direction isn't aligned with your purpose and values
  • Feel you are meant to make a significant difference in the world
  • Want to leave a legacy that is uniquely yours
  • Need much greater clarity of purpose and direction in order to target and deliver the results you want
  • Want to utilize the power of your inner wisdom in making business decisions
  • Have experience working with your subconscious material through therapy, workshops, and/or coaching
  • Are comfortable with a spiritual or religious practice

If you would like to increase your clarity, efficiency and impact in the world, you are welcome to contact us for more information and to schedule a no-fee consultation. Appointments are available by phone, Skype or Zoom. We look forward to connecting with you!