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Purpose-Based Career Change

Match Your Career Path To Your Purpose

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Do you want to contribute to the world in a way that expresses the truth of who you are, but feel stalled in unfulfilling work?

Imagine making a difference in a way that fulfills your life purpose and reaps rewards that reflect the value you bring.

The Purpose-Based Career Change program is designed specifically for business leaders who feel called to make a bigger impact in the world but don't know the best career move to manifest that mission.

This career coaching program is for you if you:

  • Know your current direction isn't aligned with your purpose and values
  • Feel you are meant to make a significant difference in the world
  • Want to leave a legacy that is uniquely yours
  • Need much greater clarity of purpose and direction in order to contribute on the scale you imagine next
  • Want to utilize the power of your inner wisdom in making business decisions
  • Have experience working with your subconscious material through therapy, workshops, and/or coaching
  • Are comfortable with a spiritual or religious practice

What keeps you from leaving the legacy that is yours to give?

Imagine making a great living while contributing in a way that expresses your unique purpose

All it takes is inner alignment, deep listening and building your path one step at a time.

  1. When you learn how to enroll the parts of your psyche that are resisting the change you want to make, all of your capacities become available. By being willing to approach your wounded and overprotective parts with curiosity and compassion, it's possible to negotiate win-win agreements that allow all your parts to serve their own higher purpose. In this way you become fully resourced, become more than the sum of all your parts, and fulfill your highest purpose.

  2. When you learn how to dialogue with your own trusted source of inner guidance about how to express your purpose through your career, your priorities become crystal clear. Most people carry an artificial split between their spiritual practice and their professional life, and only access their inner wisdom for their personal life.  The change is dramatic when you use this powerful resource for practical decisions that impact your bottom line.

  3. When you learn how to live your purpose as your day job, you will perform at a level unmet in other endeavors. You will command top dollar because your passion and skill will line up in the best possible combination.

These shifts can be achieved in a very short period of time with a structured approach that provides support every step of the way.

The Purpose-Based Career Change program gives you the insights and tools you need to transform yourself and your career so you can transform the world. The program cuts through the fears, doubt and confusion that keep you from getting traction, and lays out a clear path to the bigger contribution you are meant to make.

There are three phases to the Purpose-Based Career Change program, which often overlap in the course of your personal process:

  • Purpose clarification: ¬†Uncover the essential being, essential doing, message and mission components of your life purpose, including how your transformational impact works and with whom, plus what language will inspire those you are meant to serve.

  • Inner conflict resolution: Learn how to transform and utilize the resourcefulness of the disowned parts of your psyche that resist following your calling, such as the inner critic, the taskmaster and the rebel.

  • Career integration: Translate the specific details of your purpose into career options, then develop and execute a strategy to make the transition. Initiate your new direction with customized systems and processes for focus and follow-through to meet your objectives.

Why is this approach so effective?

Many visionary leaders make the error of trying to transform the world without understanding the necessity of first transforming themselves.

One of the most striking aspects of this approach is that, rather than pushing against or trying to eliminate inner resistance to change, it offers integration and partnership for those resistant and overprotective parts of you that keep you from living your life purpose as your day job.

We don't analyze results of an assessment and tell you what your path might be. We teach you several powerful tools that allow you to use your own inner wisdom to clarify your purpose, and develop a long-term plan as well as your day-to-day decisions. These tools can be used over and over again throughout your life as you continue to increase your contribution and influence.

Ultimately, the Purpose-Based Career Change program weaves together the precision of deliverables-based planning and execution with the depth of spiritual inquiry, integrating the best of both worlds.  It gives you the fresh start and momentum you need to deliver the impact you are meant to make.

Unique benefits: Transferable tools to solve your current and future challenges:

  • A unique process for converting the fears that stop you into a set of personal commitments for a purpose-directed career path
  • A method to transform conflicted and disempowered parts of your psyche into resourceful allies for growth
  • A precise multi-component description of your life purpose with open communication channels for ongoing inner wisdom advice in business planning and decision-making
  • An assessment tool for evaluating the purposefulness of your current career and commitments
  • A customized planning and tracking system
  • A customized time management and calendaring system
  • Your study materials:

This program is delivered over the course of three months in the following two formats:

3:1 Plan:

A budget coaching format is available for those who prefer to have one week off every month:

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • Email coaching available between sessions
  • Weekly inquiries and action items based on your objectives and insights

Weekly Plan:

Weekly support gives you the consistent momentum to focus and follow through until you embody all you need to achieve as a purpose-based leader.

  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • Email coaching available between sessions
  • Weekly inquiries and action items based on your objectives and insights

Ben Hart, The Shift Network"I brought Audrey in when I wanted to reach the next level of creativity and expression of my purpose.  I appreciate the clarity and depth Audrey brought, guiding me to a deeper understanding of my unique gifts as well as supporting me in up-leveling many aspects of my life. She particularly brought expertise to my evolution around focus, time management and workflow systems, which significantly transformed what I and my team are able to accomplish in a given day and in the long term. 

"My daily practices and connection with inner wisdom are now flowing in a way that the choices I make are purposeful and fulfilling, and I feel that I am living in alignment with my greatest vision, which will continue to unfold. Plus in our time together, both my income and role in my organization expanded greatly."

-- Ben Hart, VP of Marketing at the Shift Network

Chris Pryor"I was deeply stuck at a career crossroads when I started working with Audrey. By the time we finished I had absolute clarity on the direction I wanted to take my career, in a way that didn't feel possible before we started. We dug in to so much more than just my career direction in our sessions, helping me find strengths I'd been searching for for many years that had been elusively invisible to me. I recommend her without reservation!"

-- Chris Pryor, Senior User Experience Designer

"The work Audrey and I did together helped me gain clarity about my career direction. She gave me an excellent balance of both structure and support. I felt motivated by our work and decided to get a Masters in Organization Development from Pepperdine, which was a marvelous program. Working with Audrey greatly contributed to my growth and eased my transition from Marketing to OD."

-- David Callen, Organization Development Consultant


"At age 53 I was laid off from my job of 5 years. What I valued most was Audrey's ability to be deeply present, really listen & then to reframe my fears and confusion into more positive messages I could use to go forward. Audrey has the maturity, experience and wisdom to translate the language of the unknown into pathways to action. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone willing to explore the change they wish to make."

-- Linda Brosh, RN, Health Care Administrator

Is the Purpose-Based Career Change program a good fit for you?

If you would like to align your career direction with your life purpose, you are welcome to contact us for more information and to schedule a no-fee consultation. Appointments are available by phone, Skype or Zoom. We look forward to connecting with you!