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with their purpose, to optimize their impact in the world

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True Purpose® Organizational Consultant Training

Connect Your Organizational Clients to Their Inner Wisdom and Purpose

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As a change agent, you are called to show the way to a better world. Yet, the impact you can make is very limited when you only connect one person at a time to their higher purpose. Looking back, everything you’ve done up to now may have been only a warm up for what you really came here to do.

Imagine connecting organizations, teams and groups to their collective inner wisdom as your day job, unifying the inner and outer tools you already bring to the table. Imagine leading a much larger wave of change, by transforming collectives into instruments of purpose that bring higher guidance into the board room. Join us to heal the split between what you know is possible and the reality of current business practices.

This advanced consultant training is for you if you:

  • Are a leader or consultant with experience aligning teams and/or organizations
  • Know your higher purpose through a trusted source of inner wisdom
  • Are called to expand your higher purpose work to transform groups, teams, organizations and other collectives
  • Know you are meant to help heal the artificial split between business and inner wisdom
  • Are trained to facilitate the True Purpose® Process with individuals, or will have completed your training by the time the program begins
  • Have started or completed the True Purpose® Coach Certification program, or will start by the time the program begins

With this training you will receive all of the following:

  • 12 weekly 1.5-hour Zoom video conference calls
  • In-class participation in a project to find the Higher Purpose of Business
  • Periodic facilitated mastermind group calls during the initial 12 weeks with schedule TBD
  • A dedicated peer practice group for the duration of the course
  • 6 months of monthly facilitated mastermind support following the program
  • A complete manual of every technique, method and step in the process
  • A temporary license to use this process with your practicum organizational clients until you are certified
  • Mentor assessment for licensing as a Certified True Purpose® Organizational Consultant

2018 Course Dates TBD

  • Training Call Times: 12noon – 1:30 pm Pacific Time
  • Mastermind Call Times: To be determined by class participants
  • Archives available: Downloadable archives of all training sessions will be available, usually within 24 hours


    The True Purpose®Organizational Training is offered in two formats:

    • Private Group Trainings - Customized trainings are available for your private group of consultants who have met the prerequisites.
    • Public Group Trainings - We normally offer this every few years through the True Purpose Institute. For more information about future public trainings please contact us.

    This extraordinary program is designed for those who are serious about increasing their impact in the world through guiding mission-based organizations to discover and integrate their higher purpose into their operations, marketing, hiring, and more.

    Contact us to learn more about joining our community of True Purpose organizational consultants if you are called!